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About PUBG-Heat

PUBG-Heat is a multipurpose web service that allows you to analyze PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS matches using various tools, such as a match replay or heatmaps of players landings.

PUBG-Heat creators team is just independent gamers who love to play Battle Royale!

Also PUBG-Heat has own application in Overwolf, check it out!

Help to PUBG-Heat

How can you know that PUBG-Heat is a completely free service to use. The creators of the service - the small independent team that loves to play PLAYERUNKNOWN's BATTLEGROUNDS like you!

The main driving force for us is the desire to make cool game tools that improve our gaming experience. And we want to share our tools for free with the whole PUBG community.

But we can't afford to spend our own money on resources and servers forever.

Therefore, we ask you to help us! And the best way to do this is to send donations or become our patron!

Many thanks to all who support us!

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